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The message starts with this thought:

Love your eternal self, love all your fellows and all creation, and love the Creator above all

Love is being one. By unity, our Creator gives us power of unimaginable proportions, only second to Him/Her. That holds true with respect to the power of prayer through unity.

Holding hands together over the globe and praying to our Creator is simple, but most powerful and effective. Healers, physicians, therapists, and all healing professionals can do so much for us, and they are not to be precluded, but on the contrary, by this simple means of praying together, complemented and completed.

Do not forget that simple and uncostly things, such as needle, thread, or a safety pin, advanced all humanity tremendously.

Let's pray together to our Maker for ourselves and for each other.


There are 6 parts to the message:

  1. Rid yourself of physical, emotional, behavioral, and relationship problems
  2. Know that you, and your soul, are in control
  3. Find your purpose in life
  4. Help yourself in fulfilling your life purpose, and help others to do so as well
  5. Learn and teach love
  6. Trust the higher power of the Creator above all

You are in control

Know that you are the soul and are in control. The Creator gave you control over all creation.

Think about it.

"Feel the mystic light spreading silently over your body, over the trees, over vast lands, behold the Universe as light." - Paramanhansa Yogananda

Indeed, we are not merely in this body, in this room. We are the light, and we are in all of our lifetimes in every moment. They are all us, and they are all in the Creator.


"Of a certainty, the man who can see all creatures in himself, himself in all creatures, knows no sorrow." - Eesha Upanishad

"The journey is the reward." - Tao saying

We have all we need to unlock the timeless mysteries - all Knowledge - all power - all in here


Fingers of the Same Hand

We are each like fingers of the same hand.

We cannot know true joy unless we share it with another, and we cannot truly care for ourselves without caring for all creation, as the Creator does.

Yet, I know that when you truly do discover your life's purpose, you will almost automatically want to help others. It is the natural outcome of such a gift.

Learning and Teaching Love

"If you love something, let it go. If it loves you, it will return."

Trust the Creator as Your Higher Power

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